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6 Signs Its Time for a Job Change

Posted: 02.06.2014

1) Constantly Complaining About Work 

Do you find it difficult to leave your work-related troubles at the office?

2) Problems with Management

Working in a chaotic environment can be a major stressor, and management plays a vital role in ensuring that operations run smoothly. Communication problems may be a problem, or you may simply have issues with your boss. If dealing with your superiors effectively has become a problem and there aren’t proper channels set up to address the problem, finding a new job might be your best option. Be sure to check out all the job listings at

3) Unmanageable Stress Levels

High levels of stress can begin to affect your health, both physically and mentally. While a certain level of stress can help you to stay motivated, when stress becomes overwhelming, it can become detrimental to your personal and professional wellbeing. Try discussing your problems with your supervisor to see if changes can be made to reduce your stress level. If despite your best efforts your stress level remains unmanageable, it may be time to move on.

4) Lack of Passion

If you don’t wake up most mornings with a sense of excitement about going into your job, you may lack passion for what you do. If the feeling that you had when you began working is gone, or if you wake up and dread going to work altogether, you are likely in need of a career change. If you don’t love what you are doing, your days will continue to become more of a grind.

5) Workplace Nightmares

Dreaming about work, or even spending a significant amount of your time away from your job thinking about work, can be a bad sign. Employment nightmares can be detrimental to the balance between your work life and personal life, and it can cause you to feel like you don’t have enough time away from the office. In some cases, your dreams may feel so realistic that you feel like you have worked an entire 24 hour shift. Having nightmares about work may be a reflection of your subconscious, and the message you should take form them is that it is time to look for a new job.

6) Not Meeting Your Potential

If you feel that your skill set is not being properly utilized or that your supervisor does not acknowledge that you can offer more to the team, you may begin to feel frustrated in your position. If you find that you are being passed over for promotions or that your workplace proposals are being denied or ignored consistently, you should take these situations as signs that it is time to move on to find a more challenging and fulfilling opportunity. Starting posting your resume now

Knowing when to move on from your job to pursue a new career can be a difficult task. However, by looking for some important signs, you can identify when it is time for you to change careers.

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